infanChildren’s Products are objects of great concern to the definitions of the method of manufacture and safety requirements. According to the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) is meant for children’s products with those classified age group 0-14 years, therefore, the degree of attention allocated to this class of products by regulators is more rigid in order, aiming avoidance of accidents caused by.

Thus, all manufacturers, before starting their products, must adapt their production to meet safety requirements. Importers of children’s products must also choose suppliers that meet this standard.

Listed below are some of the main Ordinances:

Abaixo estão relacionadas algumas das principais portarias:


Orgão regulamentador

Documento legal

Documento Normativo (NBR) ou Regulamento Técnico
da Qualidade (RTQ)

Artigos escolares


Portaria INMETRO nº
481 de 07/12/2010

NBR 15236

Artigos para festas


Portaria INMETRO nº
545 de 25/10/2012

RTQ anexo à
Portaria INMETRO nº 414 de 29/10/2010

Berços infantis


Portaria INMETRO nº
269 de 21/06/2011

NBR 15860-1 e  NBR 15860-2


INMETRO e Anvisa

Portaria INMETRO
n°34 de 03/02/2009 e Resolução de Diretoria Colegiada- RDC – 05/08/02

NBR 10334:2003

Mamadeiras e bicos
de mamadeira

INMETRO e Anvisa

Portaria INMETRO nº
35 de 03/02/2009 e Resolução RDC Anvisa nº 221 de 05/08/2002

NBR 13793 : 2003

Segurança em BRINQUEDOS


Portarias do
INMETRO nº 108 de 13/06/2005,  133 de 15/08/2003 369 de 27/09/2007
e 321 de 29/10/2009

NM nº 300 / 2002
Regulamento Técnico Mercosul anexo à Portaria INMETRO n° 108 de 13/06/2005

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